About Us


Innovation Marketing Solutions (IMS) is a Delhi based company, that adapts new technology from across the globe and promotes them in India. We bring to you a revolution in road technology – Envirotac, a water soluble, vinyl acetate-acrylic copolymer USA product – the ultimate soil stabilization and dust abatement product.

Envirotac is a high performance, environmentally-safe, low cost acrylic copolymer. When applied to soils or sands, it will penetrate and coat the surface . Upon drying, Envirotac forms a water-proof, UV-resistant, solid bond which binds the soil particles. Increasing the concentration of Envirotac, can create highly durable surface that will be pliable and hard enough to minimize surface damage and withstand heavy traffic.

Envirotac can be used for sub-base stabilization and wear course application for roads, highways and airfield surfaces in addition, for tailing ponds, construction sites trails & paths, parking lots. Applied to slopes it will eliminate erosion and sediment run-off, used exclusively on haul roads to reduce dust and water consumption without the side effects presented by a magnesium chloride and such.


Our Purpose

We continue to strive through or lab certified results to engineer and manufacture the highest performance polymers in the Soil Stabilization, Dust and Erosion Control field. Not only are our polymers more effective, they are the most cost efficient due to the volume and demand, which enables us to operate off of the lowest margins. As our logo states “We Build Strong Bonds” in our polymers and with our customers.

Our Clients

  • Department of Army - United States of America
  • Department of Navy - United States of America Marine Corps
  • Petro Chad, Energy International Inc.
  • Mortenson Construction
  • Other Clients